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Cellular service providers often sell their phones with a feature know as “locking” enabled. The provider
instructs cell phone manufacturers like to lock the phone via software before the phone is delivered to
the shops. This lock then prohibits you from inserting a sim card from any other network provider,
meaning you are stuck with the service you currently have.

This lock  limits both your freedom in choosing another service provider and the potential for you to sell
your phone, because you can only sell it to someone on the same network as yourself. Fortunately,
these locks can be circumvented, removing the bar and enabling you to use your phone for your
Why Are Phones Locked

There are many reasons why phones are locked to begin with, the main reason
being to be that your network provider wants to keep your business, making
the maximum revenue from you as possible. They want to make it difficult for
you to switch providers so that you continue paying them for your phone needs
month after month

Your New Phone Isn’t Really Free

Most phones can often be obtained for “free” when you sign a contract.
Contract are now usually valid for 2 years. That can be a long time to keep the
same phone or provider and locks you out from better deals.
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Why Should I Unlock My Phone

There are many benefits to unlocking your current phone. The most common
question we are asked is "is unlocking legal" - and the simple answer is YES!

Is your current contract too expensive for your needs? Maybe you aren't using
the minutes, data or texts allocated and are wasting money. Unlocking your
phone means you can change that plan to something that suits your needs, not
your providers.

Unlocking also means that you can swap out your sim when you travel. By using
a local sim in a foreign country, data costs can be dramatically decreased.
Some providers charge up to £10 per MB when roaming! That's some
expensive browsing.
Unlocking a phone can also add substantial resale value to your phone, so when it becomes time to sell, you can receive full
value for the phone, not a discounted locked provider price.
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